Can You Do Umrah With Debt?

Can You Do Umrah With Debt?

It is a common question and necessary to understand for every Muslim “can you perform Umrah with debt”. Every Muslim in this world has a deep-hearted desire to perform Umrah once in life. The ruling of hajj and Umrah is obligatory for Muslims once in life for those who are capable. God announces a huge reward in Holy Quran for those who perform Umrah with Taqwa by following rules and regulations set by Islam. Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said that

“An Umrah is the removal of all sins committed between it and next, but a Hajj which is accepted is no less a reward than paradise”

This verse of the Holy Quran explains that two consecutive Umrah removes all sins between them and a Hajj is rewarded as paradise. The Holy Prophet promised paradise for an accepted Hajj and the removal of all sins between two Umrah.

Purpose of Umrah

The major purpose of Umrah is here

  • Removal of sins of past life
  • To get the happiness of God
  • To become guest of Allah
  • For union of Muslims
  • For improving financial condition of Muslims

Can pregnant women perform Umrah?

There is no reason why pregnant women cannot allow to perform Umrah. By instructions of Islam, a pregnant woman can perform Umrah without any issue. But the safety of the life of the female and baby is very important. There it is necessary to consult with Doctor before traveling to Makkah for performing Umrah. If the Doctor advises you to not travel, then you should not travel for offering Umrah. If Doctor allows then you can perform Umrah without any issues. If you decided to travel, you should take all safety precautions for the safety of life of female and your baby.

Can you perform Umrah with debt?

If a person has to pay debt, Islam strictly ordered them to pay his debt. It is clear from the instructions of Islam that debt cannot be forgiven even if a person dies. On the Day of Judgment, it will be asked about debt if the concerned person forgives. Humanity, mostly people forgive or their person pays debt who died.

Umrah is nafal worship in Islam. If a person is not capable of performing Umrah, he is allowed to not perform Umrah. Umrah is a must-done duty for a person who is capable of performing Umrah.

It is clear from the above discussion that you should pay the debt to perform Umrah. A person who can settle his debt even after performing Umrah can perform Umrah without any issues. But, if a person’s financial condition cannot meet to pay off his debt after performing Umrah, he should pay his debt instead of performing Umrah.

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If you have to pay a debt, you should pay your debt instead of performing Umrah. But if your financial condition meets to pay the debt even after performing Umrah, you can perform Umrah.