Following Best Pattern of Research Papers

A research paper is not a common writing where you can write things according to your existing knowledge and skills. It requires a lot of hard work to learn those all technicalities first and start the process. In this process, only writing is not a task but you also have to study prior this research and then conducting research and writing it on paper to communicate the process and results of your research with other. It is not like a dissertation where you have to write the complete process on hundreds of pages. But here you must be concise to write on a minimum number of pages 10-15.So here is the best pattern to follow for your research paper.

Prior Study: Before conducting research you must have a topic for research but having a topic is not enough you must have complete knowledge of that particular knowledge. You must have a clear understanding of purpose and significance of the study to keep on the right path throughout the research process.

Abstract: It is a short note of your work you have to write the purpose and significance of the study. You also must mention the methodology including the type of research, a methodology for analysis, population and sample of your study. Results, discussion and conclusion, and future research options, these all are required to write in the abstract but not more than one sentence for each chapter. There are cheap dissertation writing service providers that are much helpful for students.

Introduction: This is the first chapter of a research paper. Introducing your study topic is most important because it will help in ready your paper to those people who are going to ready this phenomenon first time. An introduction includes a summary of study topic, its purpose and to support this, views and quotations from past papers are also included.

Theoretical Framework and Literature Review: Theoretical frame development is second chapter of your research paper where you have to write a theoretical background (review of past studies) of your research topic. And this review is required to supports and provides knowledge to develop a hypothesis to find your required results.

Methodology: the Third chapter should be methodology where writing the study or research type, population and sample of study and adopted a method to collect and analyse data are required.

Analysis/Results of Study: If you have already described the analysis in methodology chapter then here you are only required to write the results those you find by the analysis. All statistical and analytical data should be described in this chapter because in the previous chapter you just have to write the type of analysis.

Discussion and Conclusion: Finally, discuss the results of the study in light of previous studies and theories. You don’t consider this chapter as optional or not so important because lacking in this chapter can become a failure of your study and paper. That is why sometime you may require introducing a different theory that you didn’t add in the literature review. You also have to write and discuss the implication of your results in real life.

Limitation of Study: At the end, you have to acknowledge the limitation of current study because it is really not possible for any single researcher or group of researchers to find a result of an area of study by conducting a single study. In addition, there can be other limitations as well as sample limitation. This is the simplest finest pattern for writing a research paper that will surely help you to communicate your research with its readers more concisely.