6 Imminent Technological Advances That Will Change Our Life in the Upcoming Few Years

Technology has changed our life as immensely as there was a time when talking to a person who is far away even in nearby town then there is a telephone that made it possible. Then mobile phones came and change the whole scenario and the emergence of the internet is kind of magic. If our forefathers would alive again and see this all then they would find this all just as miracles and magic. This process of technological advancement is not going to stop but increasing even more rapidly than ever before. So there are some technologies those are planned to be developed for next decades or there are some developed technologies those are going to be introduced to the public in recent years and these will change life all again. There are many technologies those lie under the category of above description but in this article, discussion is going to be around the six most immensely life-changing technologies;

  1. Commercial Drones

These are also called delivery drones those are meant to deliver things within the defined premises of technology. These are experimentally used in Australia and New Zealand by pizza restaurant for home delivery service and an online bookshop. This will enable companies and individuals to deliver and receive things within the short period of time. In future restaurants and other home delivery services, providers will replace delivery or salespersons with commercial drones that will surely reduce the cost of delivery for producer/seller and at the same time for the buyer. On contrary, this replacement of human with technology may cause a rapid increase in unemployment as well.

  1. Transforming Home on Human Command

These technological homes are built with an ability to transform on your command with a device looks like a clock.That will transform an apartment of 15-by-15 space into a lounge, exercise area, kitchen, sleeping room and kitchen as you would command it to be. This will reduce the need for land to build a large house so there would be large land available to produce enough food for world population.

  1. Virtual Reality Devices

These are making fake scenes into a reality that is helpful for elderly people who cannot move from there space and be suffering from psychological traumas. It helps to master the surrounding environment that can be helpful in the treatment of psychological disorders.

  1. Kids Tracking Home

These homes are built with the ability to track where your kid is, that is actually a telepathic doorbell of Google latitude that tracks the exact location of not only your kids but each member of the home.

  1. Morning Multi-Tasker

This will work an alternative to a laptop or a digital notebook, where the user would be able to your entire home will turn into a monitor so you can watch TV shows on your fridge.

  1. Self-driving Cars and Vehicles

It’s been a long time of working on the development of this technology but now finally engineers are confident to launch these vehicles in the market for the general public. These vehicles would not have any diver but will drive automatically so you would not be worried about dropping and picking up your from school as your automatic car would do it.