Importance of Parents Interest in Kids Education and Training

The family of a child is the major source of socialization. A child spends the preliminary years of his life with his or her parents. Therefore, the parents play an important role in the kids’ education and training. In general, the performance of a child depends upon the training they get from their parents. It is a fact that those students make more achievement in their education careers, which get proper attention from their parents. Many students are neglecting by their parents so, they make no special achievement in their education career.Research has shown that when schools and families work together, children do better, stay in school longer, go to school more regularly, and behave better. Therefore, parents play an important role in the success of kids’ education and training. Parents’ interest in kids’ education is the result of better economic, social, and emotional benefits.

Wendy Field, Head of policy and Programs claims,

“Many Students who are engaged with parents in their learning and development, no matter what their income background, are more likely to do well at school and take up higher education”

According to the International Assessment (PISA),

“Results from the Programmer for international students Assessment (PISA) 2018 show parents can nurture students’ engagement with and at the school by holding high expectations for their children and by being more interest in their children’s lives.”

Children should be given proper attention. Giving attention to your children means spending time with them and taking interest in activities. Giving attention means guiding for improvement and refraining for bad attributes. Parents should spend their time with children for playing games with them, discussing with them about general things, and talking about their studies. It makes the children responsible for their studies and duties. The interest of children builds the confidence level in the children.

Encouragement of parents

Parents should encourage their children. The encouragement of parents improves the children capabilities. The parents should not rebuke their children; in this case, a child will not perform in the class. Parents should encourage them to make more effort to good achievements. Parents should also appreciate their children if the child does well in the studies and exams.

Parents’ responsibilities

A child needs to learn many study habits and another good habit i.e. health habits, sleeping habit, eating habit and dressing habit. Parents are the only source to teach them all these things. Parents need to advise them to sit to study, sleep in time, and eat on time. Parents are responsible for the children activities. They should have an eye on the routine activities of their children. They should see their child might not be wasting a lot of his time and energy in useless things. If they engage in wasting time, parents need to stop from useless activities. Parents are most important for the progress of a child. Parents should be fully aware of the problems and weakness of their children.

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