Are Search Results of Google Really Trustworthy?

Google Really Trustworthy

After creating websites and sharing unique and original content on the websites, it is the desire of the people to drive traffic to their websites. Search engines like Google and Bing have become the best resources to drive millions of free traffic to the websites. For this reason, people spend lots of time and efforts to improving the search appearance of their websites. For this reason, they try to follow lots of SEO techniques. After spending a huge amount of time and lots of efforts, if they are not able to get the required results, they are disappointed. That’s why most of the people as well as different companies like UK dissertation writing services are asking questions about the trustworthiness of the search results of Google.

There are some EU antitrust rules for the search engine and Google has broken these rules. After breaking these rules, Google has to come across with a huge fine of almost €2.42 billion. Google has to pay this fine because it has given preference to some other websites in the search results over the authority websites. Mostly, Google has given preference to its products over those websites which were providing the same comparison shopping services for the users.

It is a fact that Google has launched lots of products and services for users. No doubt, these products and services are beneficial for us and it is the good step of Google to launch these kinds of products and services for the people. Now, the problem is that Google is promoting its products and services in all the search results. As a result, it is trying to get dominance over its competitors. According to the EU antitrust rules, Google has broken their rules because Google is trying to get dominance over other products and services just by illegal ways rather than competing with them on the basis of metrics and innovations. Moreover, Google is also not keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the customers because it is not giving chance to any competitor to compare its products and services like dissertation writing services with the products and services of the Google. For this reason, Google is following these strategies;

  • First of all, Google has provided prominent placement to its own comparison services in the search results. It means that when a user enters any query in the search bar which is relevant to the Google comparison shopping services, Google gives preference to its own products and services in the search results. It means that its products are shown at the top place or near about the top place.
  • Google has also introduced a rule for the demotion of the rival comparison shopping services. For this reason, Google has also made some changing in its search algorithms. With the help of these algorithms, it is possible for Google to find out these rival comparison shopping services and these rival comparison shopping services are demoted in its search results. It means that these services are appearing at the fourth or fifth page of Google’s search engine. On the other hand, if we take an overview of the Google’s own comparison shopping services, we come to know that Google’s algorithms are demoting Google’s own products in the search results on the basis of the Google’s demotion rules.

As a result, EC has concluded that Google’s own comparison services are easily visible to the customers in its search results than other rival comparison services. On the basis of these facts, Commissioner Margrethe Vestager has also provided us with some evidence about this fact. He has revealed the evidence in an interview. According to him, Google has given prominence to its own comparison shopping service over the other legal internet searches. For this reason, it has done two major illegal things. First of all, it has promoted its own products and secondly, it has also demoted products of the other rival services including cheap dissertation writing services. It has harmed an environment of competition on the internet. Therefore, it is against their laws and Google has to pay its fine.

Along with this fine, they have also said that Google will have to change this behaviour and it should show true results to the users on the basis of true competition. It is necessary for Google to change its algorithms just within 90 days. If Google will not change its algorithms just within 90 days, it will have to face some further fines. These kinds of things are showing that Google’s search results are not trustworthy for the users because it is giving preferences to those websites in their search results which are paying for the promotion. For this reason, Google is showing ads in each search query.