Outline for Writing a Research Paper – Some Top Tips

Outline for Writing Research Paper

Most of the students face a lot of trouble working on their research paper mainly because they have no idea how it is done. As it is the first time that they have been assigned a research paper writing task in their college and university, they do not know how to tackle it most efficiently and impress the teacher with their efforts and hard work.


Students need to understand that this task is mainly assigned to check their research and writing skills and the teachers want to see how well they have been participating in the learning process and if they are ready to move forward. There is nothing too tough or complicated but it becomes complicated because students lack the skills to work on the paper. All they need is the right guidance and a little research paper help from a good writer and they can come up with a top-quality and custom research paper without any trouble. This article provides the outline for writing a research paper and provides some top tips that would make this task easy to manage:


Organization Of The Material:

The organization is the key and students need to organize their research material in such a manner that they can write a comprehensive and top-quality paper without messing things up. It is important to choose the topic wisely and look for the most reliable and authentic resources that can be trusted for information. You can use index cards to jot down notes that might help you in the writing.


It is necessary to organize the notes topic or chapter-wise so that they can be found easily on time and you do not end up going crazy when the information is missing. Make sure to start writing the paper once you have ample material and continue the research task along with writing to avoid wasting time. You will have to rewrite several times but do not completely throw away the initial drafts as you might require them at some point.


Research and Study:

Research and study are the main components of writing a research paper and you cannot begin the task unless you have conducted proper research and know about the topic. The library is the best place to look for reading material and find information to write the paper. There are books, published articles, journals, reports and many other resources that you can use for gathering knowledge. Make sure you focus on the task and find as much as you can about the topic and subject before proceeding. Also, focus on the guidelines provided by the teacher to ensure you are searching in the right direction and obtain the required information.



Once you have collected the research material and have studied the topic from all aspects, it is time to sit down and brainstorm. You need to think critically about the information as this is the only way you will be able to come up with arguments and theories that can be used to support the pieces of evidence you have collected. You can do the brainstorming part alone or sit with someone who can listen to you, give ideas or who can provide valuable advice regarding the research. It will not only make the task easy but also help to come up with some great ideas.


First Draft:

The first draft is very important as it gives you a stepping stone on which you can move forward. Take all your notes, outline and begin to write what you know about the topic. You might not be able to do a very good job of it but this does not matter as this is just the beginning and only when you will keep research or coursework writing that you will be able to do more. As this is the first draft, you do not have to worry about where it is going or if it is good enough.  You can make changes and edit it as you move forward with the writing and research process.


After the first draft has been written, it is time to sit and go through it very carefully as your final paper will come out of it. Devote some and attention to what you have written and you will be able to understand how to take things in the right direction. Check that all the key information and notes have been included, the sentences and paragraphs make sense and are connected with a natural flow. It is only when you follow the above-mentioned tips for creating an outline that you can look forward to completing your research paper successfully.