Some Common Mistakes Made by Students in Their Research Proposals

Common Mistake


As a student, you have to submit a lot of assignments and coursework. Assignments and coursework are a part of academic life. There are different instructions for completing these tasks. But writing the research proposal for a Master’s, or PhD degree is an uphill task. There are several things that you should consider while writing a research proposal. You need to follow the format and style properly. You need to follow the word count instructions for each section too. Apart from this, you need to follow the correct referencing styles. But students might fail to follow instructions while they draft research proposals. They might commit some serious mistakes, too. These mistakes can cost them a lot. They might lead them to complete failure. If they face failure, they will completely waste their time and efforts.

This article aims to discuss some of the most common research proposal mistakes. It will also explain how these can be avoided. If you avoid these mistakes, you will be able to present a good proposal. Let’s discuss these in detail;

Failure in Following the Instructions:

One of the major mistakes while drafting a research proposal is the failure to follow instructions. As a researcher, you should follow the official instructions. Most of the time, students will forget to follow these instructions. Sometimes, they will intentionally fail in following those rules. There is always a set of rules you should follow for writing a research proposal. You should follow the format style. Apart from this, you need to follow the font, and referencing styles as well. Following these instructions will make your work effective.

Lack of Clarity:

Lack of clarity is another major mistake in the assignment writing service proposal. Most of the time, a researcher will write very hard sentences. Another reason for the lack of clarity is long sentences. Your reader might have to struggle when he is reading your proposal. You should make sure to write simple sentences. You should also avoid the use of rich vocabulary. It will also make your idea hard to understand. So you should make sure to convey your message in a simple, and concise way. Apart from this, you should stick close to your research topic. It will help in bringing clarity within your writing.

Weak Recommendations:

You always need to provide a reference or proof to support your stance. This is the case for research proposals. This is because you write a lot of things within it. You must provide references to support your arguments. If you fail to provide references, your reader might not trust what you say. Hence, the addition of references is very important. Apart from this, you can use facts and figures in literature review sections too. But you should make sure to support your arguments. This will make your research more credible, and authentic.

Poor Planning:

When you are starting work, you always plan things. You will make a list to execute things. It helps you in completing your task in a better way. Planning plays an important role when you are writing a research proposal. You need to schedule all your things before writing one. If there is a lack of planning, you might fail in writing an effective research proposal. There are several things you should plan for a research proposal. These include how to collect data, possible results, and interpretations as well. You can also plan the deadlines to complete your work on time.

Availability of Irrelevant Material:

Irrelevant material is another major mistake in the research proposal. Most of the time, a researcher will add material that is not relevant to the topic. If he is including irrelevant material, he will fail to support the arguments. One should conduct proper research before writing a proposal. It will help in collection of relevant material for the research proposal. Apart from this, you should make sure to support your arguments. It will help you in presenting a well-researched work.

A Lack of Presentation:

There is always a structure to present your work. It might give your reader a bad impression if you fail to follow the advised structure. As a researcher, you should make sure to present things through an effective sequence. It will help your reader in knowing how you want to conduct the research work. A reader always expects an interesting presentation, so don’t let them down. If you don’t know how to structure your proposal, you can ask your advisor. He will guide you on how you can present your work.

Grammatical, and Spelling Mistakes:

It is another major mistake within any research proposal. If your proposal has these errors, your reader will not read your work. It will also make them think that you’re non-serious. It will reflect incompetence, on your part too. Once you have written your proposal, you should give it a read. This will help you in identifying any grammatical, and spelling mistakes. You should correct these mistakes before the final submission. This action will ensure a submission that is free from any errors, or mistakes.


It is one of the major issues regarding research proposals. Sometimes, a researcher might end up submitting plagiarized work. They will either do it intentionally, or will fail in providing proper references. As a researcher, you should ensure that your work is original. You can take help from published articles and journals. But don’t forget to provide references. It will increase the credibility of your work. Apart from this, it will also show your dedication to the research’s purpose.


As a researcher, you should make sure that your work is up to the mark. When you are writing a research proposal, you might commit some serious mistakes. These mistakes can lead you towards a complete failure. This article discussed some of the major mistakes made in research proposals. You should try to avoid these at all costs. These mistakes can include the failure of following instructions. They can also be a result of a lack of clarity within your work. You should avoid weak recommendations, and poor planning. Apart from this, you should ensure effective presentation. You should also avoid plagiarism because it can lead you to a complete failure.


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