Play N Win Concept By KT Gamez Enjoying Vast Success Since Its Release

Over the previous couple of months, game enthusiasts have flocked to casual gaming platform which is powered through Giro Gamez, with their Play n Win concept. With so many free-to-play video games around, KT Gamez has differentiated itself by rewarding its registered players. They have held multiple tournaments like Register n Win, Play n Win, Refer n Win, and give out prizes as much as 200 AED to the winners. In one of our chats with them, they mentioned that they’re additionally making plans to roll out rewards including cell phones, gaming headsets, gaming consoles, and lots of other prizes. So far hundreds of customers have been rewarded and the hype appears to be developing with their consumer base increasing each day, the entire accrued scoring has touched 112 million points which explains the ever-increasing consumer engagement.

Gaming Has Skyrocketed All Through The Pandemic

According to one report published by NewZoo, the gaming industry has been the most important beneficiary because of the pandemic and they have also revealed that they are expecting that the sales could further boom to $219 billion by 2024. According to research studies conducted by well-known journals like Harvard Health, video games get addictive for players because they work to increase the dopamine level in our brains by 100%. Going to surveys, 91% of the UAE population uses smartphones. Among the, 86% of these smartphone users are recognized as ‘mobile gamers’, which is a term for people who play video games on their smartphones. Another unexpected reality that came to light through research conducted by Ipsos is that nearly 47% of these mobile gamers appear to recall the gaming commercials that they see with 50% of them finding it to be visually appealing. This is one of the most important reasons why famous brands have queued up to promote themselves through the KT Gamez platform.

KT Gamez Is Well Poised For A Massive Increase In Customer Engagement

Since the quantity of game enthusiasts has multiplied and gaming has turned out to be a major part of everyone’s lifestyles. KT Gamez is well poised for a massive increase in customer engagement. In the subsequent phase, KT Gamez is planning to release monthly, weekly, and day-by-day tournaments. Sponsors are taking over slots for advertising. Well, this is not only engaging but there is an element of gratification for the customers with informal gaming being the most successful and widespread form of gaming, with 79% of the market share in the general gaming domain.

250 Video Games Available To Play In All Genres

KT Gamez is a platform with more than 250 video games available to play in all genres starting from action, sports, racing, arcade to educational and puzzles. Sponsors are deriving value as gamification results in consumer retention, engagement, and brand awareness. All comes through a gaming platform to keep the players entertained. With this new fashion of gamification throughout numerous sectors like banking, education, e-commerce, online publication, food and beverage apps, and many others we can conclude businesses like KT Gamez are ready for massive increase within the coming years.