What Should I Wear to My First Race?

One day I met a friend who is not really a runner. He was preparing for his first road race, and it didn’t take him long to check out his best.

She didn’t know what to wear because she had trouble chewing, especially when she was in a hurry to run. He was willing to invest in something valuable, especially if it saved him from “cutting off his leg.”

Are you preparing for your first race? Have you ever wondered what the best racing suit are for running?

When it comes to clothing, it doesn’t matter where you buy your clothes, you’ll find better quality at a local store than at a national store.

If you plan to run regularly, you should get shorts with a built-in liner. There will be less chewing and a more comfortable ride. If you’re considering a run or two, you’ll want to know your shorts and what shorts you like, and if running is part of your routine, you definitely need shorts. I like to run. .

Don’t wear a suit under any circumstances. It’s just asking for pain.

Any shorts will work, I prefer running shorts. I have several pairs and I like them because they have velcro key pockets as well as several back pockets. I only use them for a short time and in the winter I have to do something with gloves, but they help in the long run.

When it comes to shirts, you should try to avoid cotton, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Any t-shirt will do. Plain or polyester t-shirts will be more comfortable, especially if you want to look cool in hot or cold weather. Most races these days offer technical clothing rather than cotton t-shirts, so if you don’t have one, you’ll have a different choice come race day.

And off they went…that is, to the fashion contest. 

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, it’s back to the Fall Racing Festival. From the Golden Fleece to Australian Derby Day, it’s another season. For anyone who religiously attends one sensational race, events are more about fashion on the runway. Here are four hot tips for your runway show to help you look better than last time and win the fashion contest.

Is to sew it up.

Nothing looks more complicated and sophisticated than a regular suit. No matter what flaws you see, go for a variety of looks that flatter your figure. You can find suits from the 50’s and 60’s. You can also find beautifully designed shirts in various shades of gray and cream. Traditionally, Derby Day calls for black and white stripes, while Women’s Day features soft silhouettes and cute prints. You can stay ahead of the pack by adding a few accessories to your ensemble.

Color Pop!

Dressing up in black and white with the 60s vibe to Derby Day? Go bold with a bright yellow clutch or d’Orsay pumps. The idea is to accessorize your outfit with something interesting. Plus, an unexpected pop of color will make your entire outfit pop. What’s competition if not fun? You can add color through jewelry such as a jeweled ring or a multi-colored bracelet. Whatever race you choose for your fall racing carnival, keep your style modern but fun.

Consider soft, textured fabrics.

Let’s take a look at the leather pencil skirt. Think bomber jackets. Think baroque-inspired prints. This season you will see a lot of flair and boldness when it comes to fabrics and prints. But try to draw very carefully and don’t overdo it.

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