Does Rapid Antigen Test Work if you have Symptoms?

Does rapid antigen test work if you have symptoms

According to the government and traveling stations’ requirements, travelers must get antigen tests before traveling. Otherwise, the management will have to restrict them from starting their journey. In this article, you will read about the rapid antigen test and its trustworthiness.

Rapid Antigen Test

Among all other Covid-19 tests, the Rapid antigen test is the quickest test that provides outcomes within 15 minutes by detecting the presence or the absence of virus antigen in a human specimen. It is swifter than a PCR test because it does not implicate the amplification of human DNA segments for virus detection. The antigen testing machine functions like a pregnancy stick. The two lines indicate the positive result, while a single line expresses an adverse report.

How much is Rapid Antigen Test Faithful?

When a virus attacks a body, it passes through three stages.

  1. Probation period (Asymptomatic stage)
  2. Infectious period (Symptomatic stage)
  3. Post-infectious period (Asymptomatic stage)

Rapid antigen tests can only get virus antigen presence during the late probation and the entire infectious period. So it is 99% true that the Rapid antigen test gives results when you have symptoms of Covid-19.

When to Order Rapid Antigen Test Kit?

Covid-19 is not kind to anyone. It just attacks a body and destroys it poorly. So, whenever you observe Covid-19 signs, order an antigen testing kit from Official Rapid Tests as soon as feasible. It is crucial because a bit of holdup can propel you to a deathbed. Another condition that demands you to get a Rapid antigen test is your flight to another country. It has become a requirement like a passport for travelers. So without waiting for airport management demand, arrange a Rapid antigen test for travel certificate yourself.

How to Run Rapid Antigen Test?

To run an antigen test for travel, follow the down actions.

  1. Unwrap the antigen testing kit with your clean hands.
  2. Arrange the swabbing shaft, liquid bottle, and testing machine in an organized form.
  3. Scratch the shaft into your throat or nose to collect some samples.
  4. Dip the shaft in the liquid bottle to let the specimen mix with the liquid.
  5. Remove the shaft from the liquid and drop some drops of fluid in the pool of the antigen testing machine.
  6. Wait for a bit and observe the antigen test for travel results.

Official Rapid Tests: The Most Trustworthy Online Test Provider

An authentic Rapid antigen test certificate is essential for traveling because fake credentials can disturb your journey. If you are digging for the most trustworthy test-providing organization, Official Rapid Tests is here for you.

  • You will not need to leave your place to buy their kits because they provide online services.
  • You will get FDA-authorized and CE-marked kits from them.
  • You can use their Rapid antigen test certificates for countries like the UK and EU.
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So, order your Rapid antigen test for travel from Official Rapid Tests if you have some Covid-19 symptoms.