How To Stop Car License Plates From Being Stolen?

How to stop car license plates from being stolen

There are number of license plate stolen cases observed regularly, especially in the UK. But do you know what? You can prevent your plates from being stolen by following a few preventive methods.

Yes, you’ve heard the right. You can prevent your 4D reg plate & here are exactly the steps you need to follow mentioned below in the article.

Prevent Car Plates From Being Stolen

Although, there are number of methods and you can even check out the personal experience and recommendations of people regarding the query on forum websites – Quora & Reddit. But we won’t share such methods that might not work for you or a specific for some cars.

We’ll mention such methods that can be applied to any car plate without any hassle. Only you need to pay great attention to the methods, and try to pick up as much as you can to make it 100% sure that your will not be stolen.

Let’s get into this.

Anti-theft Screws

The most popular preventive measure is the use of anti-theft screws. Keep in mind that common screws come up with your car plates can be easily removed within a minute by using any wrench. But the anti-theft screws are one-way, and can’t be removed with any wrench.

In contrast, they can be only removing using some special wrenches manufactured specifically to tackle with such screws. Interestingly, even if a thief has special wrench to remove these screws, he can’t do this because operating such a wrench isn’t possible without proper experience like a mechanic.

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Blur Plates When Post Car Pictures

If you don’t know, most of the car plates are observed, followed and stolen by the criminals after checking them on social media websites. That’s because its always recommended to you to blur the number plates when posting your car pictures on internet.

Park in Safe Areas

And yes, mostly you forget to park your vehicle at a safe place and you leave it without proper checking the environment around. Always park your vehicle at a safe space where guards are present to pay attention & to protect your vehicle.

Wheel Lock Nuts

You can also use wheel lock nuts to protect your number plates from being stolen. They are recently introduced to the world, and are widely popular these days. Interestingly, they can be easily installed without any hassle.

Well, these are the methods you can adopt to protect your number plates from being stolen. If you are still confused and wanted to know more about it – contact Bespoke Plates. They are one of the top number plates manufacturers in the UK.

You can get various plates manufactured from here with attractive designs & styles. And yes, you don’t even need to disturb your comfortable budget while going with them because of their reliable pricing structure. And yes, don’t need to make yourself involved into complex procedures, order the plates simply with easy procedures.

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