Is it Okay for Non-Asians to Wear Asian Clothing?

Is it okay for Non-Asians to wear Asian clothing?

It’s often argued that non-Asians can’t wear Asian clothing because it would be disrespectful. However, many people believe that you should be able to wear what you want to wear no matter where you are from. Both sides have compelling arguments and there are multiple things you should consider before deciding what you think about yourself. To help you make up your mind here are some factors to consider regarding for non-Asians to wear Asian clothing.

The Cultural Appropriation of Asian Clothing

Cultural appropriation is taking or using aspects of one culture by members of another. In the case of Asian inspired fashion, this often involves members of a dominant culture in this case, white people wearing clothes from a marginalized culture. ┬áIt’s acceptable a person really loves Asian fashion, such as Asian dresses style tops or even just appearance. People need to stop claiming that it is cultural appropriation. Stop taking offense at other people. Additionally, I wouldn’t mind them donning Asian attire.

For culture to be appreciated, it must be shared. To imagine that all we do does mute one another and advance a time of understand. It’s acceptable if you enjoy Asian fashion but are not Asian. It wouldn’t be racist, in my opinion. Just as long as you utilize it correctly once more. It’s acceptable to dress that way for aesthetic reasons. It’s acceptable to wear it because you want to.

This can be seen as cultural appropriation because these items are associated with and revered in their originating culture it’s disrespectful and ignorant to take them and use them without proper knowledge or appreciation. As such, it is not appropriate for Asian dresses people to wear these clothes.

Preserving ancient arts

As fashion designers, we want to preserve ancient art. We want people from all over the world to be able to enjoy these traditional garments that are often passed down through generations. That’s why you’ll find a mix of different styles, prints and colors in our collections. After all, there is no such thing as an Asian dress code. If you’re interested in Asian culture but not part of the ethnic group, then wearing its clothes can serve as a window into understanding its values.

You can even become part of that culture without learning another language or adopting other practices though sometimes cultural appropriation goes too far.

When many cultures merge, sometimes one will dominate, but each contributes something new and meaningful to society. And by learning about other cultures with open minds instead of assuming they’re lesser than yours, you can foster mutual respect with those born into them.

A symbolic dress

For many years, we were not allowed to dress up in the traditional garb of our culture. This meant that we couldn’t be a part of a festival where everyone is dressed in their best clothes; or attend an event such as a wedding or funeral with our own family and friends. We were made to feel ashamed, embarrassed and out of place when we didn’t have anything new or Western to wear.

The idea that only Asians can dress up in Asian clothes is slowly being put behind us by people like me who are trying their best to keep traditions alive. I’ve met many people who don’t identify with Asian culture but are interested in the uniqueness and beauty of what it has to offer whether they’re dressing up or wearing something on an everyday basis.

Can you wear other cultures clothes?

As an Asian American, I have been asked this question many times. You wear the Asian dresses another clothes and you can buy at House of Faiza. Because these Non-Asian brand available here. It can be a difficult subject to broach because there are so many different perspectives on what is and isn’t appropriate attire. One perspective is that dressing in other cultures clothes is disrespectful and inappropriate. Another perspective is that wearing clothes from other cultures and learning about them through fashion could be seen as a way of embracing the culture.

I don’t find it disrespectful or inappropriate if someone from another culture wears my culture’s clothes. The other person would get more out of the experience than me.


There is nothing wrong with people wearing clothes from other cultures. Some cultures are more accepting of this than others! I love it when people wear brand House of Faiza Asian dresses up in traditional clothes. It’s a great way to learn about the culture and see how their style compares to ours.

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