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Ruling Ranks, India’s leading PPC services provider, has a team of experts who have extensive experience in generating quality leads both for Indian and international clients.

PPC Services in Delhi/NCR

PPC (Pay per Click) allows advertisers to publish their ads online on search engines such as Google, Bing, and other websites and blogs. Ruling Ranks, a leading PPC service provider in Delhi/Ncr. Our PPC service is efficient and effective. We manage, run, and optimize PPC campaigns for our clients. We were focused on increasing leads and generating revenue for our clients at a lower cost. PPC helps you show your ads website at top of search engines when a similar keyword to your business/website is searched online. Ruling Ranks offers the best PPC services Delhi.

Ruling Ranks offers PPC services to help you increase your online presence and business. Our PPC specialists will help you identify all factors that could assist in reaching your goals and create customized strategies that work for your business.

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The benefits of hiring Ruling Ranks to provide PPC Services


Pay-per-click advertising can be very cost-effective, especially for those just starting to market online. Traditional advertising methods can be costly. Radio, TV, and print media can be difficult to reach people who might be interested in your services. Pay-per-click advertising on search engines and other online platforms allows you to only be paid when someone clicks on your ad or links. Advertisers are competing for the top spots in search engines related to their business. It’s possible to only pay a few pennies per click. These clicks can often be converted into leads or sales opportunities if combined with high-quality landing pages or other quality content.

Increase ROI ( Return On Investment)

Although it may sound expensive, a pay per click (PPC) campaign is not impossible. You can save a lot of money by using PPC services to advertise online on search engines. Instead of spending money on advertising on TV, pay a flat fee per click to reach more customers online. Google claims that advertisers will receive around $2 for every dollar they spend on AdWords. Businesses can reach targeted users easily without having to break the bank.

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Increase your client base

Google AdWords will help you gain more customers for your business. Clients are searching for specific products and services.

Paid advertising can make your company more visible online. Clients can reach you to ask questions and request a quote. Pay-per-click services are a great way to build a customer base and grow your business.

Instant Traffic

One of many online marketing options, pay-per-click advertising, gives businesses access millions of potential customers. Pay-per-click allows companies to bid on keywords closely related to their business. Ruling Ranks, an online advertising company, could bid on a keyword that someone is searching for online marketing. They would then be able to provide links or advertisements when they search for online marketing. PPC services allow companies to target very specific audiences by targeting certain geographic areas or demographic information like age, income level, gender.

Smart Retargeting

People don’t buy ads because they see them. Advertising success is dependent on relevancy. Retargeting is smart because it’s so effective. Because you target people who have expressed interest in your product/service, it makes it easier to reach them. This makes for a more relevant advertising campaign.

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Our Services Include

Search Ads

Google AdWords Express makes it simple to create an advertisement campaign for your small business. You can start by entering your website URL and selecting keywords that best describe your business. Next, you can choose a budget. Google handles everything else.

Display Ads

In some ways, display advertising, also known as banner ads, is one of the most efficient ways to advertise. Display Ads allow you to advertise your brand and product when potential customers are most likely to click through. Because they are pay-per-click, banner ads can be very affordable for search engine advertising.

Google AdWords Express

Google AdWords Express makes it easy to launch an AdWords Campaign. It’s easy to start. You can get your ad up and running in minutes. It may be the best choice for you if your budget is limited or you are short on time. There are some limitations to Google AdWords Express, such as limited targeting options and unclear bidding setups. You may want to have more control over the way you advertise online. Google Analytics for Display Advertising, which is a good alternative, might be a better option for small businesses that only require minimal advertising.

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Bing Ads

Bing Ads are a great option for advertisers, as it allows for precise targeting. Bing’s network is not limited to the US. In fact, 35% of all search results come from non-US users. Bing Ads offers some unique bid strategies such as Dayparting or Liftime Bidding. You can check Bing to find out if a particular dimension is available. Remember that Microsoft owns Yahoo and Bing. However, separate accounts will be needed to manage each platform. One account can be used to set up Yahoo ad campaigns but another one will be needed for Bing ads.

Shopping ads

Is your company already online? You most likely already have an online storefront that customers can browse your products. You can target customers based on past shopping behavior. For example, if someone has visited your website before and added something to their cart, but did not checkout immediately. Because there is already a connection between your business & the user, shopping campaigns are great. They can see ads that may interest them, but they might not be interested at the moment.

Our Advertisement Services

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a great place to advertise, with over 900 million users. However, you must create an advertisement that grabs people’s attention quickly.


Linkedin Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional social media networks today. Pay-per-click ads can be placed there. Anyone can see your company profile and ads. It promotes quality lead generation.

Instagram Marketing

A great way to reach younger audiences is to create an Instagram ad. Images can be

You can use them in many different ways, including simple banners and video content.

Google Ads

Google ads, the most popular pay-per-click type of service, are text-based advertisements that appear on Google search engine results pages. These ads are directed at users who search for similar services.