Does Umrah Forgive Major Sins?

This world is mortal. A Muslim believes that soon it will end and everything except Allah dies. No more this world will remain. Then God will give another life to man and that world will called day of judgement. God rewards man in accordance to his acts in this world. Man who perform holy act will reward heaven and man who perform evil acts will through into fire of hell.

In this world, man live his life in accordance to his wish. So, he may perform evil acts due to his wish. Nature of man is so greedy, he do some evils acts due to his curse. He wants forgive of his evil acts by God. God has given many ways of forgiveness to man for cleaning all evils acts performed in past life. Does Umrah forgive major sins?

Does Umrah forgive major sins?

Allah Almighty gives importance to Hajj and Umrah. God ordered at many places in Quran about offering Hajj and Umrah. At one place God ordered in Holy Quran

“Offer Hajj and Umrah to please Allah Almighty”.

So, it is clear from verse of Holy Quran, Hajj and Umrah please God and help to get happiness of God. So it will forgive major sins.

Same thing is also found in Hadith. At one time Prophet of Allah (P.B.U.H) said that

“Performers of Hajj and Umrah are representatives of Allah almighty. So, when they call God, God replies them and if they seek forgiveness, God forgive them”.

Cleaning and removal of all sins committed in past is the one of major purpose of Umrah. A man do some evil acts consciously or unconsciously. God announced punishment of evil acts on the Day of Judgment. Man seeks forgiveness of his evil acts. One of the basic ways of cleaning evil acts is performing Umrah by Islamic way.

Holy prophet (P.B.U.H) said about it

“Performing one Umrah to another Umrah is the renovation of acts occur between them”.

When a man performs Umrah, his faith strengthen. When the faith of a man strengthen, fear of Allah develops into heart of concerning man. When fear develops into heart of man, man avoid himself from evil acts and try to perform holy acts. So, man avoids from evil acts

Other purposes of Umrah

Some other purposes of Umrah are here.

  • To become guest of Allah
  • To get social benefits
  • Union of Muslim community at a place
  • To get rid of poverty

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Umrah forgive major sins of a person after performing Umrah. Umrah strengthen faith of that person who perform Umrah. By strengthening faith, man pretended on his evil acts and try not to perform more evil acts in his life.