Ultimate Biker Fashion Guide – Ride in Style

Imagine yourself riding a sports bike in stylish denim jeans with a black t-shirt, and a leather jacket with embedded studs, and spikes. You also appear wearing chic accessories and a solid pair of black ankle boots that step up your fashion game. You notice turn heads not just from the people as you’re passing by but due to your dazzling look.

Not just that, your followers ask you to share tips about your biker style in the comments section below your posts. It feels so great, isn’t it? Enough of imagining! Let’s dig in deeper to find out how you can turn this imaginary scene into a reality.

The Ultimate Fashion Guide to Rock Your Biker Look

Are you too sick of your ordinary fashion and want to broaden your sense of styling? Or do you want to rock blends of traditional rock and roll style? The dapper look of biker fashion is the ultimate solution for you as it is not just effortless but also comfy.

This guide will whisper everything that you need to know related to rider fashion so you can rock in every situation and occasion.

  1. Leather Jacket is The Cornerstone

The first and foremost apparel you need to include in your wardrobe for this look is the leather jacket. It is considered the cornerstone and most iconic part. You don’t need to invest in a new one as your old beat-up leather jacket would do a perfect job.

If you buy a brand new one, then go for the one that is packed with studs and skulls to get in the punk vibes. Here is a tip for you to make your humdrum jacket go with the vibes.

Get either a big or a few small-sized cool skull patches to introduce that to your jacket. This essential piece of clothing should fit snugly around the torso and arms. This wrap in animal or textured leather would set up a great foundation for the attire.

  1. Get in a Hoodie

A hoodie is everyone’s favorite piece of clothing and almost every person has at least one hoodie in their closet. But as a fan of motorcycle fashion style, we are sure you don’t want to adorn a plain and dull hoodie. Wear a cool and unique hoodie that has printed skulls, eagles, or even military motifs.

  1. Wear a Rough and Tough Pair of Jeans

Adorn a comfortable, rough, tough, and durable pair of jeans that keeps up with the quality standard of your leather jacket. Always ensure that all the parts of clothing and accessories go with each other to rock the attire.

As jeans have a wide range of variety, so make sure you go for the biker ones in a black or grey hue. However, if you don’t want to adorn jeans then opt for drill pants as they would also do a great job. When it comes to the fitting of the jeans, girls should opt for skinny or baggy while guys should get in slim-fit or boot-cut fittings.

In case, you have stodgy jeans and want to make them go with the theme, consider adding tears or rips. Several biker patches for sale are available in online shops that can be a fantastic addition to your dull jeans.

  1. Motorcycle Boots

You can pull off the look without the leather jacket but can’t without the motorcycle boots. It is a fundamental necessity for this type of fashion. Boots should be in either black or brown hue and should go up to the mid-calf.

However, girls can wear long boots as the bigger the better. Flat boots would be perfect but feel free to indulge in a pair of platform and heeled boots in case you don’t have the flat ones. Just don’t compromise in this part.

If you plan to splurge on a new pair, then shop the one that has a buckle outside the ankle and up around the top of the boot. Choose the waterproof ones so you can rock all four seasons.

  1. Think and Wear Black

When it comes to classic motorcycle fashion, whenever you can, consider black color over all the other hues. You can mix shades such as white and blue but it would be best to avoid them. Keep this in mind, the addition of vibrant hues can give off a wrong impression which we believe you don’t want.

For gentlemen, black boots, jackets, shirts, and blue jeans would be adequate to set fire. However for ladies, they can opt skirts instead of jeans, plus lots of jewelry, a handbag, and accessories are a must for classic motorcycle attire.

If you feel like it, add a pinch of more fun by introducing fringes to your forehead. For that, either be brave enough to chop your hair or use a fake one. Also, get some awesome emblems from online stores such as biker patches UK to take it to the next level.

  1. Get a Chain Wallet

Do you feel a sharp bolt of fear thinking about losing your wallet while riding? It is understandable as it has the chance to fall out of your pocket. Get rid of harassing anxiety by acquiring a chain wallet as this is the perfect staple to protect your bank cards, identity card, and cash.

  1. Put On Rings and Necklace

Put on a bunch of rings and layers of necklaces that go with the theme. Skulls, the American flag, and other popular biker symbols would be perfect for the motorcycle theme. Experiment with metals like gold and silver as they appear voguish when adorned with black outfits. You can explore the guides related to rings and necklaces to get an idea.

  1. Sport a Mod Bandana

Sporting a mod bandana can be a superb addition. For this, fold a bandana into a long strip, tie it around your head and create a do-rag. It would keep your long hair away from your eyes and also prevent your hair from getting soaked in the sweat inside the helmet. A Black or red printed bandana can make you look groovy.

You can explore emblems in online stores to sew them on your bandana to let it rock. Several online businesses such as motorcycle patches UK are dedicated to providing their customers with high-quality and cool-looking patches.

  1. Gloves

Besides jewelry, you should also invest in a good quality set of gloves. Prefer the one that comes with an open back so you can easily wear and remove them. Choose your gloves in a design and color that matches the rest of your outfit.

  1. Scarf

This one is optional but becomes an essential piece in cold weather. You can match your bandana with your scarf to throw off a flattering look. Some bikers hide their face with the scarf while others just tie it around the neck. You can even get a skull tubular mask to appear mysterious.

The Final Words

This was the supreme fashion guide from our side to teach you how to rock your biker apparel. This type of style is trendy and has gone through several stages of evolution. Fashion enthusiasts have started experimenting with their dull motorcycle jackets, jeans, and shirts with patches. The results are jaw-dropping!

We mentioned all the ten items that can help you throw off a striking look whether on the road while riding or at a party. So, what are you waiting for? Assemble all these pieces to come up with an astonishing attire.