MacBook Air 11 inch Complete review


You will eventually find that the huge, corporate-issued laptop no longer fits into your life. A Kensington roller case is not enough. You start to hear the scream of something lighter, more appealing, and perhaps lighter. The MacBook Air 11 inch  has been the thin, slender temptress that calls your name for years. But it’s been slow and all show. It didn’t have enough power or longevity to be a serious contender for serious affections.

macbook air 11 inch

It’s over. Apple has made the manilla-clad curiosity a legitimate machine and not just a pretty face. The death of the plastic-clad MacBook has made the Air Apple’s entry-level laptop. Are you a tired traveler who is looking for a lightweight laptop that won’t break the bank and will not drain your wallet? This could be the right laptop for you.

The exterior of the 2011 MacBook Air 11 inch refresh is almost identical to its predecessor. This means compromises. The 13-inch model will still have one USB port left and one right. However, the latter is now flanked with a Thunderbolt connector. This is Apple’s implementation for Intel’s light peak standard. The 10Gb/sec interconnect is now standard on all new machines from Cupertino. This should accelerate the slow uptake of support from accessory makers.


About MacBook Air 11 inch

The model 11 inches is also emblazoned. However, unfortunately, it has not yet been granted an SD reader. This is only for the larger 13. The left side of the device contains a 3.5mm headset jack, the MagSafe connector, and… nothing else. Apple’s designers deemed all other ports unnecessary and relegated them to various USB adapters for Ethernet. However, if you begin to rely on these you will likely need to pack a USB hub.

The Air is now free to pinch down to a delightful taper underneath the keyboard. This allows it to be a decent cleaver when a proper blade cannot be found or you can’t find one. It measures just.68 inches (17mm) thick even on its fat end. Or, you could say thin.

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What has changed? Surprisingly, the touchpad. It’s still large and clear and is located in the middle the full-sized palm rest, just like the Pro. It’s now subtly quieter and has a refined sound and feel when you click away. The old generation felt hollow and had an irritating resonance that has been eliminated.

You will also notice a more comfortable feel on the keyboard. The keys are now more responsive and springy than ever before. The biggest change is the backlight, which lies beneath the keys. You’ll be able adjust volume, change track and even hit that damned character in the dark thanks to the backlight. The ambient light sensor in the bezel will ensure that you don’t get blinded by the keys in your bed.


Internals / Display

The most significant changes are found inside the case: the new Intel Core i5 ULV processors and i7 CPUs. While the keyboard with backlighting is great, Thunderbolt will be an added benefit in the next 12 months. However, it’s the new processors that make the Air a serious machine. We’ll discuss benchmarks shortly.

The memory options include 4GB DDR3 memory on all models except the 11-inch base model. This model can get by with just half the amount. Standard SSDs are available across all models, with 64GB starting at the 11-inch model and 256GB going up to the 13-inch top-shelf model. The Intel HD 3000 graphics powers the whole lot. Stock processors include 1.6GHz Core i5’s and 1.7GHz Core i7’s. However, a 1.8GHz Core i7 can be purchased for $100 more.

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Displays have not changed much: The 13-inch model has a glossy, LED-backlit panel that measures 1440×900 pixels. The 11 is still 1366×768. The 13-inch model was tested and impressed us again when it came to brightness, contrast, and viewing angles. They are wide enough to allow for coach-class viewing and two-person viewing of Top Gear’s latest episodes. The glossy sheen helps to enhance contrast — but you can’t get a matte one.

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Performance / Battery Life

How does the Air perform when you actually use it? The previous models failed in this area, but the Air is here to save the day.

The last time we tested an Air, the 13 inch model with a Core 2 Duo processor of 1.83GHz scored a 2,717 in the GeekBench benchmark. The new 13-inch model, configured with the default 1.7GHz Core i5 processor and paired with 4GB DDR3 and a128GB SSD, almost doubled that score to 5,373. Although it won’t be able to compete with the full-bore 15 inch MacBook Pro for speed, the new 13, which has 4GB of DDR3 and a 128GB SSD, nearly doubled that performance in nine months. This is Apple’s 2x promise here. We’ve also seen the 11-inch live up to its 2.5x promises elsewhere.


The 2011 MacBook Air addresses almost every concern that was raised about its predecessor. Although it lacks ports and the SD slot on the 11 inch model is a problem, this machine is efficient, fast and should not be overlooked. This supermodel has a Columbia law degree and is a handsome motorcycle racer. It will also be a great choice for anyone who loves to play the piano. What’s more room? Well, your life, for starters.