Sony IER-Z1R In-Ear Headphones

Sony In-Ear Monitors

With Sony In-Ear Monitors IER-Z1R  headphones, you can hear sound that is amazingly true. A custom high-resolution HD hybrid driver system and Refined-phase structure, as well as the sonic purity of a 0.17 “With a well-balanced audio connection, you can feel what you’re listening to.

An Original Design

The Sony IER-Z1R uses a hybrid driver system. It has a total of three different drivers, all of which are built with Sony’s special balanced armature drivers and audiophile-grade materials. The main driver is a 12mm dynamic driver that is big and has a diaphragm with a dome made of magnesium alloy. The second driver is 5mm and has an aluminum-coated liquid crustal polymer diaphragm. It gets its power from an external magnetic circuit (helping to keep down noise and boost frequency response). The last driver is made of magnesium alloy and has a balanced armature. The body of each Sony IER-Z1R earbud is made of a zirconium alloy, which makes them resistant to corrosion and scratches while still being comfortable to wear.

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Comfort and Cabling

There are 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm audio cables in the box. The cables are made of oxygen-free copper that has been coated with silver. Instead of nickel, a gold-colored undercoat is used (since nickel can be magnetised and disrupt the signal). Sony has given you 13 sets of ear tips, so you can be sure to find the right fit. Ear-hangers are also built into the Sony IER-Z1R. These are pretty flexible and add to the overall comfort and experience.

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A High-Quality Item

The Sony IER-Z1R price is definitely a premium way to listen to high-fidelity music. Sony has gone above and beyond to make a product that plays your favourite songs perfectly and controls the sound perfectly. There is a standard one-year warranty on the headphones.

Release date: TBD (In a couple of weeks, we’re going to get our first shipment.)

Originally, it was meant to make you

The drivers in the IER-Z1R headphones were made from the ground up to work together perfectly. The sound signature of each driver is the same, so they work as if they were a single driver.

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Hear everything with a frequency response of 100kHz

With a new aluminum-coated LCP diaphragm and an external magnetic circuit, the IER-super Z1R’s tweeter was made to extend to very high frequencies. Its ultra-fast response matches the fast, dynamic change of music, giving you the feeling of being in a live concert hall.

[1] Protector, [2] Aluminum-coated LCP diagphragm, [3] Magnetic Circuit

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For low bass and small details

The 0.47 has the same diaphragm structure as the MDR-Z1R “The diaphragm of a dynamic driver is made up of a magnesium dome and an aluminum-coated LCP. This full-range driver has a deep bass and a good sound in the midrange.

[1] LCP diaphragm with an aluminium coating [2] Thin film magnesium dome [3] Magnetic Circuit

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Faithfully play every single note

The new Balanced Armature driver has a magnesium diaphragm, a copper voice coil with a silver coating, and gold-plated terminals. These make high-definition sound that can play back even the tiniest note that fades out.

[1] Magnesium diaphragm [2] Silver-coated copper voice coil [3] Terminal with gold plating

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A capacitor for audio that doesn’t distort

The dedicated film capacitors on the network are the result of thousands of listening tests. They give much less distortion. Audio-grade solder is also used everywhere to make sure that the signal is as clear as possible.

Sounds that are naturally controlled

The key to acoustic design, which gives the most natural sound, is the experience and sense of our engineers. The IER-finely Z1R’s tuned acoustic structure makes the three driver units sound like a single, perfect driver.

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A path that is straight and safe

The super tweeter is lined up with the nozzle in a coaxial position. This layout sends accurate super high notes right to your ears, with a frequency response that goes all the way up to 100 kHz.

Structure with a refined phase for accurate blending of sounds

The sound from the three drivers needs to be in sync with each other in time as well as in frequency. By carefully adjusting the width and length of each sound path, the refined-phase structure makes sure that the sound waves are in sync. The magnesium-alloy construction also gets rid of vibrations and unwanted resonance to give all types of music perfect clarity and life.

[1] 0.2 “dynamic driver super tweeter, (2) magnesium inner housing, (3) newly developed balanced armature driver, and (4) magnesium dome/aluminum-coated lcp edge 0.47 “dynamic driver

Controlling sound space for a large sound space

An acoustic tube is connected to the space behind the driver unit. This gives a balanced sound from low to high frequencies. With this technology, you can hear a wide range of rich, natural sounds.