6 Tips for Improving Your Relationship with The Quran

6 Tips for Improving Your Relationship with The Quran

Are you looking for ways to deepen your connection with the Quran? At Quran Academy Online, we believe that a strong relationship with the holy book is essential to leading a successful life. To help you establish a better understanding of the Quran, here are five tips that you can use to improve your relationship with it. Read on to find out more!

Before you touch it, check your heart.

To truly benefit from Allah’s book, you must first examine your heart before you even open it. Sincerely examine your motivation for reading it. Is the goal only to get some knowledge that you will later let go of? It’s important to keep in mind that the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was referred to by his wife as a “walking Quran”; in other words, he did more than simply read and recite the Quran; he lived it.

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Do your Wudu (ablution)

To remind yourself that you’re not reading just another book, doing your Wudu is a wonderful physical and mental preparation. Being clean should be a top priority while speaking with God since you are going to engage with Him.

Start with Reading Only Five Minutes Everyday

We mistakenly believe that we must spend at least a whole hour reading the Noble Quran. This is too much if you don’t frequently read already. Just five minutes every day at first. In sha Allah (God willing), if you attended to the first step, those five minutes would become 10, then thirty minutes, then an hour, and maybe even longer!

Make sure you understand what you’ve read.

It’s okay to read the Quran in Arabic for five minutes as long as you comprehend what you’re reading. Ensure that the translation of the Quran you have is accurate and in the language, you comprehend the best. Try to read the translation of every passage you read that day.

Don’t just read, listen too.

The Quran is currently available on several audio cassettes and CDs, many of which also include translations. You may play this on your walkman, car CD player, or stereo as you commute to and from work. Use this to supplement your daily Quran reading rather than to replace it.

Intend to cure your heart

When our bodies get unwell, we immediately visit the doctor or even the Internet to research our symptoms. Once we have identified our condition, we next look for the appropriate medications or treatments. Are we really so concerned about our hearts?

Ibn Taymiyyah stated in Diseases of the Hearts and their Cures that “the Quran is a cure for that which is within the heart, and for the one who has the sickness of doubt and desire in his heart.” As well as removing the disease of false doubts to leave certain knowledge, correct perception, and understanding, it also contains clear proofs that clearly separate the truth from falsehood. heart sees things in accordance with their reality. It contains knowledge, excellent advice that both promotes and discourages evil, as well as stories with lessons that unavoidably result in heart correction by instilling in the heart a desire for what is beneficial to it and a dislike of what is detrimental to it. Thus, after having previously desired that which would divert it and hated that which would direct it, the heart is now left seeking that which will guide it and hating that which will lead it.

Ask Allah, Ash-Shafee, the Healer, to guide you in identifying your spiritual ailments so that He might heal your heart by instilling a strong longing for His Book.