How to Download GenYouTube Extension for Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla


You want to download YouTube videos with GenYouTube browsers extensions. This guide will show you how to install GenYouTube extension in Chrome browser, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

GenYouTube is a standalone app that allows you to download YouTube MP4 files with just one click.

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GenYouTube’s app downloader allows you to download YouTube videos in many ways, convert to MP3, save YouTube videos as MP3, and more.

There are many ways to save and download YouTube videos from It uses a trick similar the “ss YouTube trick” for downloading YouTube videos and converting them to MP3.

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Gen YouTube extension for chrome allows you to grab YouTube video in just one click. To install GenTube on Chrome, you will need Tampermoneky.

  1. Visit the Google Chrome Store
  2. Click on the Add to Chrome button and search for TamperMonkey
  3. Wait for it to add it to your browser
  4. GenTube plugin available for download
  5. Click on the GenYouTube plugin and click on Open when finished.
  6. To add the plugin to Chrome, click on Install

The GenTube extension for Chrome cannot be downloaded from the Chrome Store. To install the GenTube extension on Chrome, you will first need Tampermonkey.

Next, I will show you how to download YouTube videos using the GenTube video downloaders

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This guide will help you download and install GenTube to save YouTube videos if Mozilla Firefox is your favorite browser.

  1. Search for GreaseMonkey in the Mozilla Firefox store
  2. If you’re reading this guide in Mozilla Firefox, you can download GreaseMonkey to install the plugin.
  3. After GreaseMonkey has been successfully install, go to the download page and download the plugin for GenYouTube.
  4. Wait for Mozilla to add your widget to your browser by clicking on the install button in the popup

Gen.YouTube is a script, so it cannot be install directly from your browser’s web store. GreaseMonkey will allow you to add the GreaseMonkey plugin to Mozilla’s browser to download YouTube videos in HD.

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You can download YouTube videos by using the Gen-YouTube script.

1. Search YouTube for your favorite video, and click the link to stream it (it’s not compulsory).

2. To edit the YouTube video URL, click on it. Add “gen” after the YouTube URL (see the image below).

3. You will be taken to the YouTube video download page if you click on the Enter button.

4. To choose the right format, click on either the download link or an alternate link.

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Download Videos from YouTube without Any Annoying Ads Using GenYouTube Downloader

There is no longer any charge associated with downloading videos. You may quickly and easily download videos from YouTube if you just follow the directions that are provided below and use the Genyt programme. The easiest way to utilise Genyt is to simply follow these instructions. You are now able to download any and all of the videos that you have been interested in seeing but have not been able to do so in the past due to a sluggish internet connection or the cost. Don’t waste any more time; get started downloading right away.

Free downloads of high-definition videos from YouTube can be obtained by using the GenYouTube Download Photo application. Joining the site or registering an account is completely voluntary. Using the free programme GenYoutube, you are able to download any video that is hosted on YouTube. In a couple of seconds, you are able to download files in 3GP, MP4, and MP3 format.

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What are the benefits of using GenYoutube?

You are able to preview YouTube video downloads by taking a screenshot of the video or by utilising a GenYouTube download snapshot. In addition to locating and watching videos, you can make use of it to download episodes as well as full-length motion pictures. The search engine’s results can be arranged in a number of different ways, including by relevancy, number of views, title, rating, and date of release.

At this time, 55 different video formats can be played back. GenYoutube allows users to download videos from YouTube in formats compatible with mobile devices and high-definition televisions, such as mp4, WebM, m4a, 3gp, and 3D. You may download Vevo videos, age- and region-restricted videos, etc. GenYoutube was developed on a script that is really fast, so you won’t ever need to worry about how quickly you can download videos.

Is it risky to use GenYouTube Downloader to save videos to your computer?

Downloading videos from YouTube is not something we advise users to do because doing so is against the site’s terms of service. You can get better features by subscribing to a premium YouTube membership, such as the ability to watch videos without ads, download videos, and listen to premium music. GenYouTube is a free YouTube video downloader that also goes by the name Genyt. It grants you complete control over the videos you download from YouTube at this very minute.

The process of downloading is speedy, risk-free, and uncomplicated. You are able to download movies in their unaltered states with Genyt, which means there are no watermarks or other distracting visuals. You have the option of selecting the quality of the video, which you can do depending on the kind of device you want to use to watch it. If you want to watch high-definition movies on a television with a large screen, for instance, it is best to select the “high quality” option when downloading the movie.