How to register for device/activate outside India device/activate, an Indian streaming service that is freemium offers access to all your favorite Hindi shows. Sony Corporation owns this streaming service, which offers to stream Hindi movies and TV shows.

SonyLIV hosts many popular shows like JL50, 1917, and Scam 1992. Each story is exciting for viewers, and audiences are eager to watch the movies and shows again and again.

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SonyLIV is not available to all viewers or to anyone outside India, but StreamLocator offers a solution.

How can I view SonyLIV outside India?

SonyLIV’s StreamLocator system is unique. It will automatically locate you in India, anywhere in the world.

You can watch any movie or show with the same ease and speed as if it were from your country.

Software installation and settings are not required.

StreamLocator doesn’t require you to install any software on your device. The device will work quietly in the background once you have activated it.

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StreamLocator can be used on any device with streaming services like Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, and many others.

Our service connects to as many devices as possible and has the same connectivity as your WiFi. Every device can access a different streaming service, and StreamLocator makes it easy to switch between them.

The subscription includes StreamLocator hardware. It plugs into any port on your existing WiFi router. It has no effect on internet speed or interferes with other online activities.

How to view SonyLIV outside India

SonyLIV uses geolocation technology to prevent others from accessing their content from different countries. This makes it difficult for others to access shows that are only available in certain countries.

People often choose to activate VPNs to access their favorite shows.

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StreamLocator doesn’t require you to change your DNS settings or install VPN apps on every device. StreamLocator allows you to easily switch your location so that you can access content as if it were from your country.

How to register for SonyLIV outside India

SonyLIV can also be streamed via various streaming devices, including Android, iPhone, and other streaming boxes. SonyLIV offers a 3-month subscription for their Indian service. This allows you to test it out and decide if you like it.

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Once you have chosen your subscription to SonyLIV, StreamLocator will be able to assist. After creating an account and starting your subscription, you can log in and begin watching SonyLIV from wherever you are.

To watch SonyLIV outside India, do you require a VPN?

VPNs and DNS services are used to hide locations or make servers appear in another country. These are the options that you would use to view restricted areas.

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StreamLocator offers a unique service that combines multiple ways to access servers and switch your location. Our system eliminates the need for additional services and allows you to use your favorite shows without having to mess with configurations or apps.

How to Unblock SonyLIV

Once the smart router has been plugged in, StreamLocator will unblock SonyLIV, and you have registered an account with the streaming service.’

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Is it possible to stream LIV free of charge through StreamLocator?

SonyLIV requires a subscription in order to view. You can watch SonyLIV via StreamLocator from any location in the world. However, you must have a paid subscription to view all of SonyLIV’s content.