What Are the Reasons for Skype Keep Crashing issue?

skype randomly closes

Skype is a messaging platform where you not only can talk to your friends and family online but can also video and voice call them. The advancement of technology brings many different online messaging platforms but we should never forget that even though these platforms provide us with an easy way to communicate, it does not mean that you will never face issues while using them. In the following article, we are going to talk about why Skype randomly closes itself and is not working problems and how to fix it. First, we will see the reasons and then jump to the solutions to fix them.

Causes of Skype Randomly Closes Itself

  1. Unstable wifi or data connection connected to your device
  2. Using an old version of the Skype app
  3. Using the outdated version of the browser
  4. Maybe Skype servers are down

Skype’s failure is most likely due to these four factors. Find solutions by reading the article’s next section.

Solutions to Fix Skype Keeps Crashing issue

  • Check Out For a Stable Data Connection 

Any app stops working properly if it is not connected to steady internet access. Verify that the device you are using has a stable connection and if not fix it.

  • The Old Version of the Skype App 

From time to time every app comes up with its updated version and the reason behind it is to give a new start to an app and fix bugs. If you are using the old version, kindly update it now. This solution will also solve the problem if skype keeps not responding to windows 10.

  • Install the Updated Version 

Having said that, in the second point. Sometimes an updated version of the system does not go along with the system of your device and it starts crashing. Uninstall the latest version of skype keeps randomly closing. 

  • Restart Your Device 

A quick restart of your device is a simple and reliable solution to resolve the issue if any app is not working on your device.

  • Reinstall the Skype App 

Re-installation of the Skype app will provide a fresh opening to the app and its setting and then maybe you will not face any trouble using Skype.

  • Outdated Version of the Browser 

Using skype via the web and still facing issues then try to use any other browser or update the browser you are using. Using an updated version will help because an updated version will remove viruses that are causing Skype to not work properly.

  • Server Down 

If any of the above does not work for you and you are still facing the same issue and not because of all this you are getting frustrated then calm yourself down and find out by asking someone whether they are also confronting the same issue. If yes, then the problem is from the back end and you have to wait till the problem gets solved.

Summing Up 

I hope this article may help you to solve the issues with Skype. Crashing and closing of an app happens commonly but it is not an impossible issue to solve with the above solutions.

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