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fresno amusement park


As we speak, negotiations are underway to bring one of the most popular amusement parks in America to Fresno. Although no one has been able to confirm with certainty if this project will come to fruition, it’s clear that there’s plenty of reason for excitement about the possibility of a new landmark coming to this great city. Among the reasons why this deal would be such a big win for Fresno are outlined below… fresno amusement park

Whose idea was it?

The idea of bringing Six Flags to Fresno has been in the works for more than a decade, and many people have been waiting anxiously for its arrival. Luis Chavez, council president and longtime proponent of the project, says he first proposed SixFlagsFresno in 2001 when he was on the council. I want this city to be an entertainment hub, he says. We’re close. fresno amusement park


Will it happen?

If Six Flags does come to the city, it would be a major economic boost for the area. In a recent study by the U.S. Travel Association and AECOM, Fresno was ranked as one of California’s top destinations for out-of-state visitors. The study also found that California is home to more than 130 amusement parks and attractions – more than any other state in America.
Chavez is not making any guarantees about when or if Six Flags will be coming to town, but he says there are still many steps in the process before anything can happen,  fresno amusement park including securing money from private investors and negotiating with Six Flags itself. This is just an idea, Chavez said of Six Flags coming to Fresno. It could happen this year or five years from now.

What does this mean for Fresno and its future?

Fresno residents are eagerly awaiting the decision from a state panel that will determine if Six Flags will be coming to the city. This would be a huge win for the city and would bring in more tourism, which would boost economic activity. The  is expected to generate more than $1 billion in economic impact over the course of its first decade, boosting employment by 12,000 jobs. Overall, this is a huge opportunity for the city that could propel it into becoming an entertainment hub like Los Angeles or Las Vegas.

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Which Cities did similar deals in the past and how did they turn out?

s has a history of investing heavily in parks that are struggling economically, and bringing them back to life. There are currently Six Flags amusement parks in Arlington, TX; Atlanta, GA; New Orleans, LA; Great Adventure, NJ; and  All have had varying levels of success over the years- with some making more money than others.
In 1989 the Six Flags park in Arlington was closed after four years due to low attendance rates and economic depression. The park was then reopened in 1996 as Six Flags Over Texas at a cost of $150 million dollars when the city won the rights for an expansion team with Major League Baseball.