How to type degree symbol on Mac?

degree symbol mac

If you are reading this blog to know how to type a degree symbol on your mac device then you have come to the right place as in this blog we are going to teach you about the same. 

As you know that unlike all other symbols you cannot find degree sign on mac device as there is no key dedicated for the same. This means that since you cannot get degree character on mac you have to look for it on Google and copy paste it on your mac device. 

But there is an easier way using which you can add degree symbol which you want so let us begin to get to know about it. 

How do you insert a degree symbol on Mac?

There are several ways using which you can type degree symbol which are – 

By using degree keyboard shortcut on mac 

You can press option along with shift and 8 button to add this symbol or you can also press option button along with k button. 

By typing degree symbol using emoji keyboard 

You have to press control and command button together with space button which will open emoji keyboard for you from which you can find degree symbol on mac. 

By typing degree symbol on new Mac books with globe key  

When you are typing you have to click on globe key on your keyboard following which emoji keyboard will pop up. You can now search for degree symbol easily and add it whenever you want. 

Now, you know how you can add this symbol on your mac device you can do it very easily anytime you want, also to get to learn more about symbols like this you can have a look at the website Ityug247 which is a fantastic site to use.


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