How to Use Twitter for Education & Teamwork

Like other social media platforms, Twitter is a virtual cave which leads to treasures of information and data. The better you use it the better chances you stand of coming up with knowledge that can help you do wonders.  As one of the most popular and widely used micro blogging portal, Twitter has proved to be extremely useful for people who want to use it for academic and educational purposes whether they are teachers or students.

People all over the world can benefit from twitter with help of the short and smart tweets that help students about any changes taking place in their course, within the university or dorm campus or even regarding the teamwork if they work in groups as it helps to save time and prevent length discussions by making things simple and easy in a few words.  With just 140 characters, now it is possible to do the impossible and give students the freedom of expressing themselves or reaching across millions of others who can help them move in the right direction. Educationists are using Twitter in many other creative ways for teaching and learning and this is bringing about a great change in the world.

Here are some top ways in which Twitter can be used for education and how it can help students progress in a much better way:

Easy and short means of communication

Twitter has proved to be an extremely helpful little educational tool as it enables students and teachers to transmit the essence of the message in just 140 words; with just the most essential words it is now possible to convey the message which not only helps to save time but also keeps them from changing their mood by just scanning what has been written swiftly. The students can ask short questions, the teachers can put forward announcements and students can share tips and tricks with them while working on their assignments with help of twitter.

Homework and assignments

Teachers and student can easily and quickly tweet details of their homework and assignments by seeking help from this platform. The best way to do this is to share links of online sources and pages and mention the due dates and everyone on the account will receive the notification and they can share, forward and reply to the post, helping each other stay connected.

Share significant academic resources

Teachers are constantly coming up with ways and means of interacting with students and keeping them engaged which should be creative as well as interactive and Twitter is the best way for this. “Twitter for Teachers” brings instant access to hundreds of important links that provides teachers some great ideas from other teachers from all over the world that not only helps in making headway with students but also for professional development, making things better for all.

Better teamwork for students

Emails are getting old as new and innovative tools are available for students to collaborate with each other and work as a team. Twitter makes it very convenient for students to work together on assignments and they can discuss things, seek advice, share interesting links and look for important resources for research by staying in touch with the teacher as well as each other and working as a team without making any efforts.

Staying updated

Twitter is an easy and simple way for teachers as well as universities and colleges to keep their students aware and updated on what is going around the campus or the city and be an active participant in contests, festivals and other activities. Students can get incentives and remain motivated to be a part of all these activities and as students love to interact through social media, staying in touch becomes very easy.

 Conducting surveys

Twitter can prove to be an efficient tool when it comes to conducting surveys most effectively as practically everyone has a Twitter account these days. With this it becomes easy for teachers and university or college administration to hold surveys and get to know more about student thoughts and ideas and take decisions in the long run that work in the best interest of everyone involved.

Twitter is the easiest to use as well as the most popular platform for students and teachers to connect on personal as well as academic level making it easy for all the parties to work together with each other. Interactions can take place anywhere and anytime as twitter can be used on laptops and smartphones outside the classroom and helps to customized learning, making it possible for teachers and students to collaborate with each other and work as a team for achieve the best results.