Dissertation Proposal Template: A General Format And Structure Guide

A dissertation proposal is an academic work that provides more information about your topic and goal, writing a coherent dissertation proposal is extremely useful to discuss your aims and objects with your supervision. In this post, we will guide you about the format and structure of the dissertation proposal.

Purpose of a research proposal

Students write a research proposal to get funding for their projects, on the other hand, a research proposal gives approval to your dissertation plan.  Make sure that your methodology is right and your data collection will be helpful to conduct better research. Research proposal aims are given below:

  • Relevance
  • Context
  • Approach
  • Feasibility

How Long Is A Research Proposal?

Although, a research proposal is a lengthy piece of writing, but is length varies dramatically. The bachelor research proposal should be consisted of a few pages, on the other hand, PhD dissertation should be written in 3000 words. It should consist of 15 -20 pages.

Dissertation Proposal Structure

Title page

Writing a title page is very essential in the dissertation proposal. You should focus on some points that are given below:

  • The title of your project
  • Your name
  • Your supervision name
  • Department information


In the abstract, write a statement that is related to your work. An abstract is a short summary of your research proposal.  Write 150-300 words in the abstract section. Define your topic and aims as well as methodology in the abstract. In the abstract, you should include

  • Your purpose and objectives
  • Description of the methodology
  • Finding and arguments
  • A summary of conclusions


An introduction is the first and most important part of your dissertation; make sure that you have introduced your topic. Give background information and context in the introduction topic. Defining problem statements, aims and objects will be beneficial for you, so don’t miss these important points.  In the research proposal you should include some questions that are giving below:

  • Who are the practitioners in the topic?
  • How much you have information about project problem
  • What is the current knowledge?
  • Why you are making research

Literature Review

The literature review is also important, because, it can convince the reader that you are making and conducting deep research related to your topic. You need to compare and contrast your method and theories. Try to develop your critical thinking in order to know your weakness as well shortcomings. Try to take a challenge and compare your work with other students. Writing a strong literature review can improve your grades.

Research Design And Method

After completing the chapter of literature review, you should restate your main objectives and focus on your project. The research section should highlight your research type for example, are you making qualitative research or quantities research. On the other hand, it can your sources of collecting materials is primary or secondary. You should write the data collection and what are the chances of getting success.

Implications And Contribution To Knowledge

To write your research proposal with strong points, you should explore potential implications about your research as well as experience. You should emphasize your main aim and objects in order to highlight the quality of your writing. Include some implication to get good results

  • Improve your project processes and location
  • Inform object policy
  • Give strength to your model
  • Create more research
  • A popular assumption

Reference List Or Bibliography

Using the citations in the references list will be very beneficial for you. You should write all the details about your publication and create some citations in the APA format. Most universities require bibliography, so, you should write some detail about it.

Research schedule

Before writing the research schedule, you should check the requirement of your project. Follow some points to make a research schedule.

  • Background research and literature review
  • Research design planning
  • Data collection and preparation
  • Data analysis
  • Writing
  • Revision


In the process of research funding, you should write detail about each part of your project. Write the cost that you have needed in your project. Give justification for why completing this project is most important. Calculate the amount of the resources that you will include in the research proposal. Collect data about your travel costs and materials. Keep in mind these points in order to make a good budget for your dissertation proposal.

  • Travel costs
  • Materials
  • Assistance
  • Time

Formatting A Research Proposal


In the formatting a research proposal, you should use clean and good quality paper. Use a white paper of 8 1 /2 + 11. You should use one side of the paper. Don’t write on both sides of the paper. Choosing a good quality paper will increase your style of writing and you can make a good impression over the readers.


Leaving margin in the paper looks very professional. So, you should leave margin in your dissertation1” (2.5cm) at the top, bottom, right as well as left side. 1 is 10 typed spaces. Use spaces in the wording. You should use page number ½(1.25cm) from the upper side to the left side.

Title page:

A title page is requested by the teacher in order to get information about the writer. Use MLA handbook to write this title. Use numbers in writing name. Make a margin in the first page and then write next introduction. Follow this example on the title page.


  • Jones 1
  • Tracy Jones
  • Smith
  • NRW-3A1-02
  • 16 Feb. 2019
  • Mental issue: Bits of Advice
Numbers Of Pages And Paragraphs:

Use the number of pages in the whole dissertation proposal writing, you can write it in the upper right-hand corner. You should type your last name before giving the numbering to your pages. Don’t forget to make different paragraphs of important points

Spacing between the lines:

Whether you are using printed work, handwork and any other source of writing, you should give space between the lines. Giving spaces is the most accurate way that you need to use it in research proposal.

Use Automatic Hyphen and Right Justify:

You should not use automatic justify and format hyphen in the thought process of writing. You should justify where these points are needed and where you should sue hyphen.

Title of Books, Newspaper and Magazines:

The use of the title of the books, newspaper and magazines is very important and beneficial for the students. Indeed, it will show your deep research on your topic. Don’t hesitate in the use of books title. But you should use this title with citations marks such as “giving back to the earth”.

Writing an essay in capital words:

Writing an essay in capital words can lose your grades the literature so don’t make this stupid mistake in your research proposal writing. You should use the first letter capital in each sentence, instead of that, use capital words for important points and proper nouns.

Table Of Contents:

A research proposal format also requires a table of contents. You should include a table of contents in each section. Use table of contents in the introduction, body and conclusion section.